Welcome to the Parent Portal!

 As all have noticed, the Parent Portal has a new look!  The Portal is now run by Ascender so you will have to reset your account in order to see your student's grades.


How to reset your profile: You will need to go to (Recover User Name/Reset Password) link located under the 'Login or Create Account" buttons. You will be sent to another page, click on recover user name, after you receive your user name, reset your password.  After you are finished resetting password, click the big red button on the top left to return to login, then proceed to login. 



 The Parent Portal updates itself at midnight each night. That is when the attendance codes and new grades will appear in the Parent Portal.  I had been told that the two systems were more closely connected to where changes in the teachers' gradebooks would automatically appear. This is true, but apparently they only automatically appear at midnight each day.


Please remember that most teachers still use the weekend to grade and so grades will still be running about a week behind.  When teachers input the grades into their gradebooks, the grades will appear in the Parent Portal at midnight that night.  Attendance updates itself every night.  When a note is sent to school and the absent code changes, then the new code will appear at midnight as well.  


I am sorry for any confusion that may have caused.  Please feel free to contact me at dcarter@utopiaisd.net or 830-966-1936 if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you!


David C Carter

IT Director

Utopia ISD